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Virtual Test Drive: Civic Hatchback

The sporty style of the Honda Civic 5-door continues to evolve to perfect its excellent grip and its supercharged performance. Enjoy the joys of the road by driving the Civic equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed CVT transmission.


It is easy to stay in touch with the Honda CONNECT infotainment system. Using Bluetooth or USB, connect your smartphone to send and receive text messages, make calls and – via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Fuel and Performance

The Civic delivers an exhilarating drive and combines strong, sporty performance with superb fuel efficiency. It doesn’t stop there either, because the Civic comes with a chassis designed for increased stability and excellent road holding.

Interior Comfort

The Honda Civic 5 Door is the go-to car if you’re looking for style, comfort and class-leading interior space. With plenty of legroom and luxurious heated seats, it’s an environment created for comfort as well as a sporty driving experience.

Civic Safety

The Honda Civic comes with Honda SENSING as standard. It’s a collection of safety features designed to keep you and your passengers safe. See how the Civic senses dangers and helps you to avoid them while you’re out on the highway.
Blind Spot Warning: This feature allows the drive to change lanes safely, alerting you with visible and audible warnings of any vehicle hidden in your blind spot.

Civic Manoeuvre 

The Honda Civic can help you in tricky situations when you’re on an incline or reverse parking. For example, if your view is obscured when reversing, the Cross-Traffic Monitor will be your eyes and ears.

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