Air-con Regas & Service

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Air-con Regas & Service

Experiencing warm air blowing our of your car's air conditioner? That's the last thing you want on a hot summer's day... maybe it's time to have your air con re-gassed and serviced? 

An Air Conditioning service with Honda is a great way to ensure the air you breathe in your car is always clean and fresh. We recommend servicing your Honda’s air conditioning system every year and recharging the refrigerant gas every two years. 

Our highly trained, Honda Servicing technicians are here to keep your car’s air conditioning in peak condition all year round. Contact us today for more information. 

In summer, your Honda’s air conditioning will keep you and all your passengers cool and fresh. In winter, you want to be certain that you have excellent all-round visibility and your air conditioning can help by minimising the condensation on your car windows. 

You’ll also be keen to make sure that the air in your car is free from pollen and dust, so you always breathe fresh, clean air, whatever the season. Your Honda’s air conditioning system is designed to do all this and more. But it must be regularly serviced like any other frequently used system on your Honda.

We have a range of air-con services from just €150 + vat.
Starting from a regas & leak test, to a full regas, leak test pollen filter change & antibacterial treatment.


Step 1 | Recover

We will recover all the old refrigerant from the air conditioning system.

Stage 2 | Evacuation

We will vacuum pump the system to clean out any moisture, water or contaminants which is the main cause of leaks and faults within the Air Conditioning System.

Stage 3 | Recharge/Regas

We will recharge/regas the Air Conditioning System with the exact amount of new refrigerant including oils as per Honda’s recommended levels.

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